Finding The Best Winning College Basketball Picks

Every year millions of people place their bets on the big NCAA Basketball tournament that happens annually, and every year there are major upsets and people lose their money when putting faith into the #1 team in the nation. Often times the top seeded teams in the country don’t make it past the first few rounds, and while some narrowly escape defeat, all it takes is for one scrappy squad to throw up 3 pointers on a good run, to topple a giant. Many times, it’s small schools from areas like Spokane, Washington or somewhere in the middle of the country to get into the Final Four and really shake up the college world. That’s why college basketball picks are hard to figure out compared to the NBA, there is a lot of different factors to consider. Finding the best winning college basketball picks is daunting, and for some it’s a painstaking task, but for those that look deeper than the stats, real greatness happens.

When you look at teams on paper, many match up great, however, when you start to peel away things from an individual player’s perspective you can start to see where a team could prevail or collapse. For instance, look for a team’s defensive record against others. If you can find a good overall defense compared to offensive plays, then you might have reason to believe that they can probably go far, the reason being is that defense wins games when they are so close. When you have two evenly matched offensive powerhouses, defense and full court press often times ends up becoming the easiest way to win. Look for strong defenses to go far and pick your selections based on these things.

Another great tip is to look for standout seniors. If there is a squad that has gone to the finals many times and hasn’t won yet, but have a group of seniors that could tip the scales into their favor, bet on them. You will often times see a squad full of older players make a lot of noise going into the finals of any major tournament, including NCAA. It’s the veterans of college that don’t go straight to the NBA that seem to make a serious go at the championship before they leave. This is especially true for those that have maxed out their eligibility and will be moving on to either the NBA or a chosen career path based on their degree. Look for this, and then make sure that you compare them to a team where they might have trouble with, and you’ll see green as you pick up the money from placing bets with them.

The upset card is pulled in NCAA basketball a lot. Watch out for this, because it will come up and surprise you and the world. However, savvy gamblers will know that when college basketball picks are in, the upset card is possible. In order not to be surprised, make sure that you look for teams that have been on the bubble for quite sometime and look for them to prevail. You’ll know these teams by how they handle themselves losing in the first half, only to come out in the second like a house on fire.

If you watch enough seasonal action, all around the NCAA, you will have a good set of picks by the time the NCAA tournament comes through and your bracket will be pristine. You just have to make sure that you’re following a variety of teams and watching the way they react to the ball in winning and losing.

Article by Miranda Hewitt

How To Win Every Season Betting on Basketball

There are a lot of different ways to make money with sports, and most of it is not made by playing the game. Sure the players and coaches can make serious money, but the chances of you becoming a coach at this point could be a bit difficult unless you’re already in the system. Becoming a player is also difficult, and not likely, so where can you make money with sports? If you said betting, you are dead accurate with the opportunity to make serous money. Millions of people are putting money on their favorite teams and losing, while others are reflecting on the stats, listening to analysts, and looking for any dirt they can pull up on players to see who’s going to drop 30 points on an opponent and who’s going to foul out and leave their team hanging when they need back up most. It’s savvy gamblers that end up making a lot of money betting basketball and you can too, if you try.

If you’re not exactly savvy or you’re just not sure how to make money gambling, that’s ok. You will need to first at least like the sport of basketball. If you don’t have a diehard passion for it, that’s ok, you just need to at least be a casual fan. Without at least a little bit of momentum behind you, don’t expect to win anything. If you are a fan and can stand watching the games on a regular basis, you are ready to start learning how to win through betting on games.

The main focus that you will need to put your trust into is information. Information about teams, their coaches, the wins, the losses, and the personal lives of the players that are publicized through a variety of websites online, those will be your main focus. Without them, you will not be able to make educated decisions on matchups.

Once you’ve established a good amount of information, you will be able to look at team matchups for the evening and decide on the winner based solely on numbers, and hunches. Look for hot streaks from players, and look for cold streaks, you’ll see them happen often, and even the best players in the game go through them. Capitalize on them and make money, otherwise you’ll end up missing the boat.

Betting basketball tips are a dime a dozen, but there is one tried and true tip that you can take with you no matter how much money you put down, and that’s to treat the gambling world as a business. In business, you do homework, you size up competition, you spend time investing in the process of marketing etc. The same thing can be said about professional gamblers, investing time into research and analytics will lead you to a lot of money, but remember, take a short cut and lose big money. Keep that in mind and you should be well on your way in no time.

Article by Miranda Hewitt

How To Find The Best Basketball Picks

When it comes to gambling on sports, millions of people will put money down on every match up. While experts will have a good average of wins and losses, the average fan will not be so lucky. In fact, each year many fans end up losing big with what they believe are the best picks for the games. The problem is that they never invested any time in learning how to find the best basketball picks before the season. By the time they figure out the way the NBA is leaning, they are out of money and have to just sit back and watch things unfold. If you want to make things different this year, then consider a few insider tips that will show you how to make money with bets squarely aimed at this year’s basketball season.

The first thing that you need to get out of your mind is your favorite team or teams. If you have favorites do not bet on them, if you do, you will lose more often than not. Even the best records in the NBA are riddled with losses and many times they are streaks of losses. Many fans end up losing big on games that they swear should’ve gone their way, but it just doesn’t happen. Remember, you can’t control any variable, and when it comes to your favorite city and sports teams, you will always lean towards them, and it will cost you. Don’t do it, instead focus on all the other teams.

When you focus on placing money on games, make sure that you’ve created a map of the pros and cons of the matchup. You will need to look at hot players, stats, and even personal information on each player. Look to see how their schedule has been, where they were the night before, if there are injuries, any little piece of information that you can find will help you establish a checklist. If you do not map out the matchups you will lose out big, so be careful.

Lastly, do not bet on every single match up. This is where many professional gamblers end up losing big at times. Stretching yourself too thin across several weeks and matchups at once is very difficult. Unless you’re independently wealthy and have money coming in all the time, do not bet on every game of the season, you will see major losses. Instead, focus on concentrating on key matchups, information that you have, and then place money on “educated” bets that will see you winning more than losing.

If you do not treat basketball picks like a business, you’ll never learn how to find them or even what makes your selections more solid than the talking heads on sports networks.

Article by Miranda Hewitt

How To Find The Winning NBA Picks

When it comes to sports betting, millions of fans will engage strategies that they have been thinking about all through the off season. The truth of the matter is that most of the fans will end up losing big money through the course of the games, and it’s all because they are making simple mistakes. Professional gamblers do not make these mistakes because they have something that most don’t, and that’s a sense of disconnection from the actual outcome of the game. Most people have a deep rooted connection as a fan, therefore they make decisions based on “feeling” and emotion rather than going strictly by numbers and facts. If this sounds like something you are doing, stop today, and learn how to find the winning NBA picks each and every time you bet.

The first step towards getting the most out of your gambling is to make sure that you know when your limit is. If you are going to put money down on any given team, make sure that you first set aside a moderate budget that is not going to cripple you if you lose. Losing is a part of the system, but not to the point where you’re going to mortgage your house in order to win. Set aside some money to play and stick to that.

The second step you need to follow requires you to start looking at the matchups and stats based on history and analytics. This is going to sound tougher than it is, but you’ll need to absolutely know what’s going on with every game that you have an interest in. This means that you’ll need to know what players are on fire, which ones have nagging injuries, which ones are dealing with a divorce, or just about any random trivial piece of information that you can get without having to do the grunt work yourself. Look for newsletters, insider tips, and then compare and contrast them to make your final pick.

The third step is to not bet on every single game, ever other day or so. Take your time and schedule in your rounds so that you’re betting based on information that you have gathered leading up to the match up. If you bet on games daily, or every time there’s an NBA game, you will lose often. Instead, take time off to study the match ups, look into stats and personal information that will give you an edge.

The above 3 things will help you establish a strategy that will teach you how to find the winning NBA picks over time. Without them, you will be risking quite a bit in hopes for a future glory.

Article by Miranda Hewitt

Making Basketball Picks – 3 Hints To Make Money

Even though the NBA hasn’t resolved their issues, they will no doubt come back in time. If you’re gearing up for another season, or at least are watching College Hoops, then you should consider a few hints before putting any money on any team. The reason for this is because you’ll want to make serious strides moving forward. The things that you have to learn to become a success in gambling is not so easy to master at first, but if you spend some time considering some of the patters that players exhibit, you’ll end up making major strides and seeing the green much more often than others. Consider the following hints to making money with basketball picks.

Statistics – The first thing that you need to look into is statistics. Make sure that you watch for repetition, double doubles, triple doubles and much more. If you can identify when a player is going to get hot or cold, you can almost always predict the outcome of a game. This takes a little bit of math, and knowledge of a player. You have to watch how they perform against certain teams, on the road, and what they are doing against different guards and those that try to block them. Some players will be shoe ins to take their team to the top, but there are going to be options that will be somewhat less obvious. Always look into statistics, and make sure you can decipher them.

Underdogs – There are a lot of underdog teams that play big names, and often can make an upset happen. However, do not put your money on them all the time. Sure, the Clippers might get a few wins and might have a great rookie, but they won’t be getting to the finals anytime soon. Not since the 90’s have the Clippers exhibited such a great team that they were taking over Los Angeles as the major team to compete with. Don’t bet on the underdog too often, especially when it comes to college.

Personal Life – One thing that you will have to look into when it comes to making basketball picks is the personal life of a player. If a player is in the midst of an off court romance and is distracted, they might reflect that in the way they play the game. Do not be so sure that the players are living all natural, homeopathic lives outside of the court. You need to make sure that the personal life of a player isn’t distracting them, but if it is, place some money on their failure.

The above 3 hints to make money are just a handful of options to consider when making basketball picks. Take them into consider and watch your money flourish.