How To Find The Best Basketball Betting Odds For College

Learning how to make serious money with sports betting is not something that most people know how to do. Many try to put together strings of victories but often times they are thwarted by several different factors. This is especially true for those that are constantly looking at college basketball odds. If you’re trying to seriously learn how to find the best basketball betting odds, you’re going to have to look at several pieces of information and then apply it to your overall strategy. If you don’t have an apparent sports strategy, then you’re already missing one of the major steps required to make money with sports betting.

One of the best tips that you can apply to your plan of action is looking at sportsbooks. These books have odds on every match up and they employ some of the biggest names in sports handicapping so that you can place your bets with them. When shopping around for these books, make sure that you go with the one that offers the best odds as well as a bonus offer to players that go with their strategy. Remember, this is a game about money not fun, and investing wisely is one of the major steps that you need to make in order to win big on the upside.

The second thing that you will have to do is get into social media and networking. Much like handicappers in the past would spend a lot of time asking insiders and players about what they were thinking going into the games, social media is now working the insider information out of players and they don’t’ even know it. Pay attention to what is being said on these sites up until the deadline occurs for betting. You will find that with jus ta quick sentence you can determine what team will win the big games coming ahead.

One last thing to keep in mind when you’re betting on college is to not only put money on the favorites. You’ll find out fast that there are underdog teams that are waiting to upset the big names in college basketball. While this is not going to happen every time, it will happen enough to make you think twice about putting money only on the big odds on favorites. Keep track of how you’re moving forward and make sure that you’re not wavering often.

The above tips are just a handful of ideas you need to win big in college sports. Handicapping is hard, but if you know what to look for, it becomes easier over time.

Article by Miranda Hewitt

How To Find The Best Betting Odds

Millions of people try to figure out the odds of their favorite sporting events, only to find that the odds are calculated on a great deal of different variables. Betting on sports can be fickle at times, which is why the experienced gamblers put their money on what seems like sure things more often than not. You might be inclined to believe that there are no sure things, but if you learn how to find the best betting odds, you’ll be able to decipher what team will win long before even Vegas does. Finding NBA odds, for example, is not a difficult thing, if you know where to look and how to decipher certain pieces of information.

For many people, experts are found online through analysts and that can be helpful, but that’s not going to get you the best odds. The best way to figure out what the odds for any major sport is going to be is to look for the best and most reputable sportsbooks. You might be hard pressed to find them, but if you’re savvy you will find a great deal of sportsbooks available to the general public with all up to date match up information, odds calculations and more.

When searching for information inside the books that detail odds, you’ll have to look for any bonus offers that are given to you. You’ll notice that many of the bonuses will not only allow you to make extra money on bets, they will often times point you towards the best odds. Don’t rely 100% on these, but rather use them for information what you’re going to place your money on.

NBA odds are hard to calculate without getting a little extra help. That’s where the analysts and experts come in handy. Most people don’t realize that much of the groundwork has already been done and published via books that you can pick up at specialized locations or even have mailed to your doorstep. Take the information inside and then compare it to your own notes. If you see some lining up and the odds are in your favor, make sure to place your bet. If you have a hunch or get some late breaking tips, use that as a catalyst to change your bet and make sure you’re informed of an upset waiting to happen. Often times with an upset, you’ll make even more money because the team will not be favored. Learning how to find the best betting odds is a process, don’t feel like it’s something that happens overnight.

Article by Miranda Hewitt

How To Find The Best NCAA Picks

When it comes to college basketball, many teams can end up upsetting gamblers, and that’s why betting on the college game is sometimes confusing to those that are simply novices at looking at the odds. When you’re making NCAA basketball picks, you’ll often times make errors in judgment based on record alone. The problem with this is that many undefeated teams go down shooting on an off game and small teams that shouldn’t have any reason to topple a giant, do that all the time. If you’re looking to learn how to find the best NCAA picks, you’re going to have to take a few things in stride and focus on others.

Remember, betting on college is not the same as the professional leagues. If you can remember that, you’ll be able to take the following tips and put them to good use. The minute you forget this aspect of the game, you’ll end up losing big time.

First and foremost, look at what the coaches are saying and what they are not saying. You’ll find that coach conferences often times leave some major questions unanswered which give away strategy and more for the big matchups on Saturdays. Most recently schools like USC and others ended up losing big because their coach left out a few unanswered questions which bettors picked up on. If you missed that boat, don’t worry, there are a lot of media moments you can focus on moving forward.

The second thing you’ll want to look into when selecting your bets for NCAA action is home court advantage. This might seem arbitrary but in college, the fans make up for a lot of the great moves you will see in terms of defense. Defensive plays are often times muddled amidst the rowdy crowds that show up for college basketball. Look for major defensive games out of the home teams that are underdogs most often.

The third thing that you’ll want to implement into your search for the best NCAA picks is social networking. Make sure that you’re following students, players, coaches, and insiders. By doing this you will get insider information moments before betting closes for any particular matchup. Pay close attention to how this is working and you’ll end up making serious money over time. Miss out on social media and you’ll be kicking yourself when the odds calculators are wrong. Make sure your bets are well informed or else pay the consequences later on.

Article by Miranda Hewitt

How To Win Betting on Basketball

The basketball season is already upon us and many insiders are seeing the changes that are being made both on and off the court. With so much riding on the season and so many players trying to make a name for themselves in today’s hectic game, it can be hard to figure out which one will be worth investing money into. This is especially true in regards to basketball betting. Learning how to win betting on basketball is tough, and most people don’t realize this. People assume that insiders just throw things at a wall and pick based on where they think games will be favorable in terms of the spread. That is not the case, as most insiders will tell you, winning takes work, and just like the players put in hours of training, so do major gamblers.

Gambling is not a matter of luck, although many people will argue the opposite. As it turns out, making money on just about any game is a matter of how much skill you have in deciphering the information that is in front of you. For instance, many games are decided off the court, with insider information that is published moments before the bets are finalized. While many people are worried about the actual match up or game time, the real money is where the information that is being published last minute is.

With the advent of twitter many players are not putting up insider information moments before the game starts. Which is why it’s more crucial than ever to be alert at what is going on in terms of the minds of each player. If the players aren’t putting up information, you’ll see it being flooded into social media by those that are in the stadium and finding out information on the fly. The key here is to be alert and ready to act on tips that are being published last minute.

If you pay attention to what is going on before any major game, and you understand the human condition you’ll be able to make a lot of money with basketball betting. If you don’t know how to read players, or look for signs that will tell you what’s going to happen before it happens, you will not make much income with this type of gambling. If you’re trying to become a major player in this world, make sure that you’re spending time reading information on a regular basis. The more you know before you put your money down on a team, the better your chances are going to be.

Article by Miranda Hewitt

NCAA March Madness 2013 – Get Ready For Pure Action

Every year the college basketball world moves forward with pure outstanding athleticism. The NCAA men’s basketball tournaments takes the best teams in the nation and puts them into brackets and at the end of several rounds of games, picks a champion. Every year people make their brackets and every year people are dumbfounded by how they turn out. Even the United States president makes a ballot and does so on national television, which should tell you just how big the tournament is. The pressure is placed on the teams, and those that are looking to make picks on the NCAA March Madness 2013 games, will want to pay attention to the following tips to make the best picks.

If you’re looking at placing money on powerhouse teams, be careful. There are perennial favorites that are wroth looking into, but don’t look for them to win the biggest prize if they are facing some of the more scrappy teams. The reason being is that major teams often overlook their smaller opponents and that can prove to be a big mistake. Look for Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Washington, UCLA, and Gonzaga to make big noise in the tournament. But do not put all your money on perennial powerhouses, because you’ll find that you could lose within 1 point.

Getting ready for the tournament is a complex thing to work through, especially since there are so many teams fighting for a chance to get into the tournament. You’ll find that many squads fold under the pressure while others thrive. Look for teams that are made up of seniors to make big things happen if they have gone to the tournament before, and look for teams that have mostly freshman to fall under the weight of the pressure that can truly be gigantic.

Your best bet in order to get your favorite teams is to make mock brackets leading into the NCAA March Madness 2013 selections. If you properly decipher the teams that are going in, including some of the mainstays like Duke, for instance, then you will have a good picture as to who will win it all.

Getting a perfect bracket is near impossible, but getting most of them right and selecting a champion can be as easy as selecting upset artists like Boston College or Xavier. You’ll find that the teams that you watch and pick out over time will bring great glory, if you do your homework. Don’t leave anything to chance, scout your teams, pick the best, and you’ll win big when the tournament plays out in March.

Article by Miranda Hewitt