Basketball Lines – More than Numbers

For those that are experienced gamblers, there’s nothing quite as exciting as hearing what the lines are for any given sports matchup. This is especially true for those that are looking to put money down on the riveting sport of basketball. Basketball lines are often times lopsided because the star players seem to stay on several teams, leaving many professional squads to simply be perennial losers. While there are some changes being made in the game, most often, betters look to the numbers as a main source of finding out whether or not they should put money down on any given team. If you’re constantly watching the lines, and are not winning, then you need to reconsider your approach.

Watching the odds is a good way to start learning about betting, but it’s not the sole thing that you should be doing. That’s the mistake most people are making today. They are putting too much time into the numbers and calculations that they miss the bigger picture. The bigger picture is not about the numerals that you’ll see before the game, it’s about the game itself.

Remember this tip always; the game of basketball, even at the college level is a human game. That means it requires human beings to make decisions on the court but also off the court. If you remember this piece of information, you’ll see why many professional handicappers look to wait until the very last minute to place their money down on any given matchup. You need to do the same, but before you let go of your money, make sure that you spend the time before your bet is made investigating the human side of the game.

What I mean by that is simple; you should be looking at personal information, social media, analysis, and what the sports media is saying. If done right, you will glean a world of information that insiders use to make money. If you gloss over the information or you simply ignore it, you will end up putting money on teams that are heavily favored and come out short.

This recently happened for many gamers that were putting money on the might Los Angeles teams. One was favored through the start of the season, only to lose day in and day out, until the coach was fired. Those that were looking at the brewing storm noticed and made money, while those that were simply looking at numbers ended up making bad decisions because of their short sighted nature.

If you want to make money betting on basketball, do yourself a favor and avoid looking solely at basketball lines, it will be the end of your career as a handicapper.

Article by Miranda Hewitt

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