Basketball Betting Odds – Favorites and Underdogs

When it comes to basketball betting odds, everyone seems to have their own system. Many times these “made up” systems fail to accomplish what they are set out to do because they are based on nonsense. It’s a hard thing to realize, but if you have subscribed to a guide from a friend or you have developed your own method, you probably haven’t become a millionaire quite yet. The reason this happens a lot is because you aren’t looking at the numbers in a logical way.

More often than not, gamblers put a great deal of time and effort looking at spreads and odds that don’t matter. The good money is found when you place time looking at players and their lives. You will find that players that are having issues with their coach, for instance, will not having a winning team. This recently occurred in Los Angeles with one star player giving the death stare at their coach, and losing several games in the process. Even though the team was favored in many match ups, they lost, and the reason was because of player’s individual problems, not the numbers.

This is not to say that odds can’t play a role, but it’s important not to put all your money into just looking at the odds and the calculations that the experts give. You’ll end up losing a lot of money because the calculators are often times wrong. I know, this sounds insane, but you will thank your lucky stars when you put your bet down on strategic opportunities that have nothing to do with sole numbers.

Investing your money into basketball betting is wise, if you treat it like a business. All businesses require a bit of market research, and no successful company goes forward and gets larger without spending a great deal of time educating themselves about the way others are working. With that in mind, make sure that you stick to a good overall guide, and you look around at sports books, online websites, forums, and even social media to get your information. Do not put money down on anything, until you have done your research, and are confident in the outcome of any given game.

Without putting proper amounts of time into matchups, stats, numbers, and personal lives of the players, you will not be able to make educated guesses as to what will happen during a game. That’s the main difference that most miss out on.

Article by Miranda Hewitt

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