How To Find The Best NCAA Picks

When it comes to college basketball, many teams can end up upsetting gamblers, and that’s why betting on the college game is sometimes confusing to those that are simply novices at looking at the odds. When you’re making NCAA basketball picks, you’ll often times make errors in judgment based on record alone. The problem with this is that many undefeated teams go down shooting on an off game and small teams that shouldn’t have any reason to topple a giant, do that all the time. If you’re looking to learn how to find the best NCAA picks, you’re going to have to take a few things in stride and focus on others.

Remember, betting on college is not the same as the professional leagues. If you can remember that, you’ll be able to take the following tips and put them to good use. The minute you forget this aspect of the game, you’ll end up losing big time.

First and foremost, look at what the coaches are saying and what they are not saying. You’ll find that coach conferences often times leave some major questions unanswered which give away strategy and more for the big matchups on Saturdays. Most recently schools like USC and others ended up losing big because their coach left out a few unanswered questions which bettors picked up on. If you missed that boat, don’t worry, there are a lot of media moments you can focus on moving forward.

The second thing you’ll want to look into when selecting your bets for NCAA action is home court advantage. This might seem arbitrary but in college, the fans make up for a lot of the great moves you will see in terms of defense. Defensive plays are often times muddled amidst the rowdy crowds that show up for college basketball. Look for major defensive games out of the home teams that are underdogs most often.

The third thing that you’ll want to implement into your search for the best NCAA picks is social networking. Make sure that you’re following students, players, coaches, and insiders. By doing this you will get insider information moments before betting closes for any particular matchup. Pay close attention to how this is working and you’ll end up making serious money over time. Miss out on social media and you’ll be kicking yourself when the odds calculators are wrong. Make sure your bets are well informed or else pay the consequences later on.

Article by Miranda Hewitt

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