NCAA Basketball Picks – 3 Ways To Win

One of the hardest things to pick in sports is the winner of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. NCAA basketball picks can be one of the most frustrating pieces of gambling that is available in these modern times. If you’re trying to get into the fray of things and make serious money, you’ll have to invest some time into figuring out a strategy. It is recommended to first make sure to fill out no less than 3 brackets. Make sure that you get 3 empty brackets then list all the teams and hopefully you can get to the top spot.

Consider the following 3 ways to win with proper NCAA Basketball Picks

Underdogs – The tournament is always going to have major upsets, and picking the upsets is hard to do, however, if you watch plenty of teams you will see which teams will last longer than others. Look for teams that have winning records and fast paced guards. Guards usually win the game with long shots, so make sure you bet on teams that have a good point guard and then followed by a good shooting guard. Sure, this is a team sport, but it is good offense and stellar defense that wins tournaments. Look for the upsets early on to occur, but don’t just bet all underdogs.

Number One Stunner – Do not always bet on the number one spot, because they usually don’t win straight through. Look to bet on number two and maybe number three overall as a better option in terms of odds. You might think that the number one spot is a coveted area to be in, but when you look at statistics, the number one team in the nation doesn’t last until the end, and it is even more rare for them to win straight through.

Dead Last – For some people, the last team to get into the tournament can sometimes be the hungriest, and therefore fight the hardest to win. The long shot is something to consider when picking NCAA basketball picks. While you don’t want to bet all underdogs, at least consider the team that is dead last and read up on the stats that got them in.

NCAA basketball picks are hard to decipher at times, but when it comes to the tournament every March, can be won by following the above 3 ways to win and then making 3 different brackets. If the three you have one major conclusion, combine them for one ultimate bracket. Remember, upsets are regular, don’t bet all favored teams, and always look at stats to confirm your game play.

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